This Getting Started Tutorial will walk you through the basics of using ABACUS. You will learn how to create catalogues and diagrams, populate the model, and create drill-down diagrams. For a quick overview of ABACUS view our introductory video here.

In this exercise, you will start by opening a new ABACUS project, selecting a framework to provide the initial structure to modelling, and providing a name for your architecture and your file.

Step-by-Step Walk-Through
  1. Start ABACUS: [double-click] on the ABACUS icon on your desktop (click here for instructions to Access ABACUS Cloud , then continue with the steps below
  2. Select New File... when prompted with the Welcome screen
  3. Select the Avolution Framework 7.0 (Recommended) metamodel and [click] OK. Notice that there are many metamodels (or frameworks) to choose from. ABACUS also allows users to freely combine and customize metamodels.
  4. [Click] onthe window in the upper left that says 'Explorer' to expand it. 
  5. [Click] on the push pin icon in the upper-right corner of the window to keep the Explorer tree window open.
  6. [Right-Click] on 'New Architecture 1', select Rename, and rename it to 'Production (As-Is)'. 
  7. Save the ABACUS project with a title such as 'Getting Started Tutorial'
  8. Once it is saved, you will be able to open it by [double-clicking] on the file. 

Video Walk-Through

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