Now that you have added data to the model, create a drill-down diagram to see one area in more detail.

Step-by-Step Walk-Through

Inter-dependencies can be understood quickly by creating drill-down diagrams in ABACUS. These drill-down diagrams can be extended further using element selection to query complex inter-dependencies. Today, you will create a drill-down from an existing diagram.

  1. Open the 'IVR Hosting' diagram
  2. [Right-Click] on the 'IVR' application and select Create Drill-down diagram 
  3. Select the 'Solution Diagram' viewpoint
  4. Notice that a diagram has appeared containing the 'IVR' component and everything that is directly attached to it. This query could be extended using the element selection feature in ABACUS
  5. Return to the 'IVR Hosting' diagram and notice that there is a link on the 'IVR' component that will lead to the new drill-down diagram that you created. This link will persist unless you remove the link or delete the associated diagram

Video Walk-Through


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