At times, it may be easier to modify data in Excel rather than in ABACUS. This exercise will walk you through the process of pushing ABACUS data out to Excel, modifying it, and pulling it back into ABACUS. A later exercise will walk through populating the model with Excel roundtripping. ABACUS also supports quick and easy population through built-in integrations with SharePoint, ServiceNow, and Technopedia.

Step-by-Step Walk-Through
  1. Open the 'Applications Catalogue' that you created in an earlier exercise
  2. [Click] on the Export to Excel button in the Catalogue toolbar (if in Cloud, Download the File)
  3. Select a location to Save the exported spreadsheet
  4. Select Open Exported File
  5. In a new row, [type] 'ERP' in the name column
  6. In the 'Information: Criticality" cell for 'ERP' select '4'
  7. Save and Close the spreadsheet
  8. If you are using ABACUS Cloud, Upload the File to Cloud
  9. In the ABACUS catalogue, [Click] on the 'Import from Excelbutton and navigate to the Excel file that you just modified
  10. You will see a list of warnings followed by a list of changes from the import, [click] OK - these are often helpful to read to better understand what occurred during the import
  11. Notice that the changes that you made in the spreadsheet are reflected in the catalogue

Video Walk-Through



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