Now that you have created a diagram, you can begin drawing in it.

Step-by-Step Walk-Through

  1. [Click and drag] the Location shape from the stencil onto the diagram canvas, type the name 'Dranesville Data Center' and [click] OK
  2. [Click and drag]  a corner of the location shape out to increase its size
  3. [Click and drag] the server shape from the stencil onto the 'Dranesville Data Center' location shape in the diagramNotice how the shape outlines turned green when the server was dragged onto the location. This is because constraints in the metamodel support a parent-child relationship between locations and servers.
  4. Provide the name 'H01' and [click] OK.
  5. [Right-click] on the server and select Show in Explorer to see the component in the explorer tree (you may need to reduce the size of the stencil window). You will see that 'H01' is a child of 'Dranesville Data Center'. Note that the options that you are given (which components to connect to, the connections that you can use, etc.) are based on the Metamodel, which is completely configurable by the user.

Video Walk-Through


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