Delivering a quick, clear enterprise architecture roadmap is a hallmark of successful Enterprise Architects. This webinar will walk through how to leverage standards including TOGAF® and ArchiMate®, both Open Group standards, and existing data from SharePoint, Excel, Google Sheets and other sources to build compelling roadmaps. 

We’ll cover how to map lifecycle stages, dependencies and impacts using automated views, plus build business cases to streamline application portfolios, manage legacy systems and technical debt, and reduce costs. We’ll explore strategies for longer term planning and innovation including trade-off analysis to guide decision making and plan future-state business models. And we’ll discuss how to structure roadmaps to plan for critical compliance missions such as GDPR.

How-To: Build An Enterprise Architecture - Roadmap 4 Styles to Consider:

Six Step Action Plan For GDPR Compliance With ABACUS:

ABACUS Adapters and Data Integrations including Technopedia, SharePoint, ServiceNow, Excel, Viso: