Enterprise Architecture can help improve the organisational structure through productivity, agility, timeliness, revenue growth, and cost reduction. It provides a "digital map" which delivers quick answers to business and technology questions. 

Banking and Financial Services are able to focus more clearly on enhancing their core functional capabilities and delivering a seamless experience to their customers, with strong enterprise architecture. This webinar was in partnership with Asia Pacific EA consultancy ATD Solution (www.atdsolution.com) and covers:

  • Common challenges and best-practice in financial services enterprise architecture
  • When standards can accelerate delivery (TOGAF, ArchiMate, BIAN and business frameworks) 
  • Using cloud-based collaborative data management to maintain a central portfolio of assets, technologies, infrastructure, processes and projects 
  • Making the most of both data-driven and diagram-driven architecture 
  • No-code algorithms to automate your business and technical calculations 
  • Setting up dynamic dashboards so IT, financial data and roadmaps can be available in real-time